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13 June 2011 @ 06:43 pm
Hey all, lots of things are going on currently and I got a new bus route so I havent really had time to post!

Sorry but I have to go on hiatus, for all of you wonderful readers I will miss you

on another note, I think I might be getting a tumblr, where I will be posting funny links, things I like, pictures, while this one will have more serious notes on my life

of course, my name will be blumbo19 (unless its taken in which case *gasp*)

Check me Out!
03 June 2011 @ 02:20 pm

Hmm what to say, colorguard interest meeting yesterday just ended up with old members hanging out and one new member Waffles that I brought! Other then that my days have been so boring. Now that school is coming to an end I really don't feel like doing anything though I am doing a lot of events in the month of July

I am walking for breast cancer with my family tomorrow it's going to be fun!

I honestly have NOTHING to say so im heading out. All of these people that munie talks to (though she isn't on the bus) are here and it's really random....

Leviathan cake my friend made for my birthday surprise thingy

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01 June 2011 @ 02:28 pm

Well my birthday weekend wasn't that great. I ate at Texas de brazil which was nice with my family and Tenney... It was just a bit of a general let down though

I walked an hour going through 4 neighborhoods holding all these picnic things to celebrate my birthday at this open theatre that always ha fireworks only to find that it was max capacity and we had to walk ALL the way back. We sat and ate on munies balcony but it was definitely disappointing

My actual birthday stinked it was the first day back to school and no one said anything. People who usually talk to me actually just ignored me. At my school we have a balloon room to give balloons and I only got some from munie and Krissy. I also felt nauseous and sick that whole day (Tuesday by the way was my real birthday). When I got home my
Mom was in a bad mood and she never said happy birthday or anything no one did anything so I took a nap. Luckily I'm loved by my siblings and we went to eat dinner.

My dad is leaving today and I'm sad to see him go back but he ended up building a fountain and gazebo thing the whole two weeks he was here, very random..I know.

Other then that I got a lot of artwork as gifts which I guess is fine and some interesting things that I wont really use, basically artwork though.....

Oh well no more moping. Hopefully next year is better

Oh we are doing "dance" in PE...sucks....

My mad hatter birthday cake that my lovely sister Minkie made me. I made the Alice though

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30 May 2011 @ 08:15 pm

and write fanfiction
26 May 2011 @ 02:24 pm

Today was good, I get over things extremely fast so I'm over my birthday issue it still hurts but what can I do. Im going to Brazilian BBQ and a friend of mine (in all honesty the only friend i really believe in now) moved her schedule around to come to dinner with me and my family. I am trying to see if my other friend from another school wants to come.

Finished my sold and I did pretty well, not so great in history but I did well in math and chemistry.

I took the math sol today and I brought this gift I got from dragons4ever a book called damn you autocorrect I had to keep it by my teachers and when I looked up halfway through the exam they were all laughing so hard while reading my book. It was funny to see them laugh (and pretty distracting)

It was awkward to take it though ecause the teachers left and only this woman was there and she had been reading it. I finished my test though and was leaving so I took it while she was talking to another student.
...it felt like I was stealing my own book....

Besides that nothing interesting today

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24 May 2011 @ 06:40 pm

Well um today hasn't been that awesome at all

First off...all my friends bailed on me for my birthday. I learned yesterday that a few of my good friends couldn't go but I was like ok well. Of the some 10 friends 6 is still good, today everyone one by one told me they couldn't come. Most people are going on vacation with their family for memorial day weekend...still it really stinks to be friendless on my birthday.

Because of that I canceled my party. It was supposed to be an outdoors mad hatters tea party themed but on top of no one showing up, it was going to rain....woohoo...

Another reason why today seemed to stink was the history sol I actually planned to study for that I thought was Thursday was today, I most definitely did not pass advance

Then coming home RIGHT in front of my neighborhood my bus got rear ended by this old women who wasn't slowing down at all. I saw her coming and was really confused it went a little like this in my head "wow she's going pretty fast at this turn....she's not slowing down is s---" *crash* the bus along with both parties were totally fine but her car was smash inwards

So uh dinner with my family instead great way to hit an age that is supposed to be "sweet"

Late posting see you tomorrow...

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23 May 2011 @ 02:27 pm

Mmmrrg three of my friends (two very close ones) can not go to my birthday party :/ not fun hopefully I enjoy myself I tend to have very dissatisfying birthdays another note I have been working on this fairy in ceramics

Wow actually besides the sucky friends not being able to come today overall was lacking. Weekend wad fun though I hung out with lum78 and kawthar_girl83 that second link might be wrong and we worked on cosplay for Otakon!! I had good food and I watched Priest which was pretty fun

I worked on amys sword because I am doing props aside from tha I haven't done much but my costume is definitely finishing up. I bought the shoes so I have the base of everything!

Ok bye bye! Also that cricket guacamole I had before i lied not crickets but grasshoppers (I went back and realized I remebered wrong? :D

I am in love with fan-fics now that manga doesn't update enough!

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